Pilbara Rail Maintenance (PRM) is a local Karratha company delivering safe and cost-effective rail construction and maintenance solutions for all clients in Western Australia.

This 100% Australian owned and operated business has successfully undertaken many extensive construction and fabrication works on major projects within the Pilbara region. The company’s management team comprises a diversely skilled group with more than 50 years combined experience in the rail industry and manufacturing environments.

All based locally in the Pilbara, the management team is passionate about the local community and its development. The experience of PRM’s team enables it to deliver safe, cost-effective solutions for all clients.

We believe working together with our colleagues, clients and local community is imperative to the success of the rail industry and the positive growth of our surrounding communities.

As part of the KBSS Group of companies PRM’s policies, procedures and systems are underpinned by those of the parent company and have been established to align with the Australian and International standards. 

KBSS Australia is an award-winning engineering business supplying specialised support services to the mining, oil, gas and marine sectors. KBSS is accredited in the following

  • AS/NZS 4801:2001 Occupational Health and Safety
  • ISO18001:2007 International Health and Safety
  • AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management
  • AS/NZS ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management

Our Services Include:

  • Self managed fully equipped rail maintenance and construction teams

  • Specialised, self managed rail welding teams

  • General rail maintenance and construction

  • Inspection, reporting and maintenance of private rail sidings

  • 24/7 emergency response teams for private rail sidings

  • Full project leadership teams to accelerate project schedules

  • Project management support

  • Specialised, self managed perway teams

  • Level crossing rehabilitation

  • Specialist transition rail up to 25m

  • Heavy haul insulated rail joints made to order

  • Geology investigation for rail formation and stabilisation

  • Supply of Liebherr A922 specialist hi-rail excavators

  • Supply of Rosenqvist CD400 clipping machines

  • Supply of Windhoff high output ballast broom box

  • Supply of Liebherr 556 X Power specialised lifting IT Loaders loaders

  • Rail Infrastructure Training (Certificate 2, 3 & 4)

PRM Capabilities

Specialised Equipment

Our focus on technological safe working advantages means we can offer service and compliance not previously available in the Pilbara.

We use only Liebherr Hirail machines which come factory fitted as standard with:

  • Compliance to the Rail Safety Council requirements for HiRail machinery
  • Factory fitted HiRail braking and drive equipment;
  • Full functionality as a lifting device. With electronic load
    cells and lift monitoring
  • Safe zone electronic fencing that is programable to allow for non clash areas such as other rail tracks and overhead power line
  • Electronic machine use, activity and maintenance check monitoring
  • 922 has an auxiliary propulsion system for emergency off tracking should there be engine or system failure.

The machinery is designed to significantly reduce labour in most maintenance activities. Broom boxes with conveyor discharge allow safe and accurate removal of excess ballast without manual input. Clipping/unclipping machinery replaces the manual labour component of re-rail or track remediation activities while increasing safety and reducing labour cost and time.

Rail Machining

PRM has the facilities to fabricate transition rails and insulated rail joints in Karratha with advantages including:

  • Ability to machine rails up to 25m in length with several track geometry improvements in high head loss areas;

  • Ability to stock rails off site to reduce warehousing requirements; and

  • Significant savings in transporting rails to and from Perth.

Skills & Expertise

PRM has a broad range of expertise, but specialises in high quality track maintenance with a focus on innovation and safety and efficiency. 

Our teams of skilled and experienced track maintenance technicians can deliver everything from large projects to regular maintenance activities including: 

  • Turnout replacement and maintenance;

  • Insulated rail joint fabrication and installation;

  • Fabrication and installation of transition rails of up to 25m in length;

  • Level crossing construction and maintenance;

  • Full track construction and remediation; 

  • Supply of specialist rail plant and operators;

  • Structural bridge repairs and replacement;

  • Culvert repairs and replacement;

  • Rail adjustment activities.

The machinery is also fitted with accessories that significantly reduce the exposure to labour in most rail maintenance activities.
Broom boxes with conveyor discharge to allow proper safe and accurate removal of excess ballast without manual input. Clipping/unclipping machinery to replace the manual labour components of re-rail or track remediation activities while increasing safety and achieving time based efficiencies.

Rail Infrastructure Training Program

PRM training is based on developmental pathways within rail maintenance and construction. These compliment the overall training program for local skill training and development opportunities. 

We combine the safe working skills training with the integrity based requirements within the asset integrity deliverables of the clients.

This results in personal development training for all personnel in areas of Hi-Rail machinery use, Flashbutt Welding, AT welding, Switch works, Level crossing works and Rail replacement works.

Certificate of Rail Infrastructure

PRM has developed training pathways to Certificate of Rail Infrastructure Cert 2,3,4 courses tailored to our client’s needs.
All supervisors are enrolled in the Cert 4 in Rail. At minimum, field personnel are trained in Cert 2 & 3 with a focus on units particular to Pilbara rail network requirements.

Skills Training

The use of specialised machinery and equipment both on track and in the workshop and yard environment requires bespoke training programs to deliver both safe working outcomes and compliance to our clients deliverables.

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